Activities & Meetings

All of our members are invited to meet once every two months to discuss ongoing projects and current issues relevant to the organisations that make up Third Sector Leaders Kirklees. We also allow guests to attend one meeting before deciding whether or not they wish to become a member.

Our next members meeting is on Thursday 15th February 2018 2.00 – 4.30pm at:

Huddersfield Mission
Lord Street
West Yorkshire


Third Sector Leaders Kirklees and Business in the Community bring you a morning of FREE workshops for charities and community organisations to get valuable, practical information from those in the know.

A chance to hear directly from the experts:

Neil Paterson – HMRC: Dispelling the myths and exploring how to make Gift Aid work for you. Hear directly from HMRC about how to use Gift Aid to benefit your organisation.

Paul Johnson – One Community:
Find out about One Community Foundation Grants, and how you can make a successful application.

Jackie Hogarth – DWP:
The DWP are allowing 10000 staff to take time off to volunteer every year. Jackie will talk about some of the skills available and how you could engage with these volunteers for the benefit of your charity.

Lunch will be provided.

Please see the Eventbrite links below for full details. Places are limited so please reserve you place ASAP.

Huddersfield workshop:  https://www . eventbrite . co . uk/e/gift-aid-grants-and-government-bods-huddersfield-tickets-36578195367

Dewsbury workshop: https://www . eventbrite . co . uk/e/gift-aid-grants-and-government-bods-dewsbury-tickets-36521479729

TSL workshops (2)


To book your place or to find out more about the TSL Community Safety Network Conference:





Community Learning Works

UPDATE 01/03/17: Following delay in some providers receiving the information about the Community Learning Works Delivery Partnership opportunity, the deadline has been extended to 9 am on Wednesday 8th March 2017.

CLW –  a partnership between Third Sector Leaders and Kirklees Community Learning Trust has been successful in securing funding from Kirklees Council. Community Learning Works is a unique opportunity to boost learning and employment opportunities for people in Kirklees who face the most significant challenges.

Community Learning Works is now seeking 3rd Sector providers to join an exciting, innovative Delivery Partnership to produce a step change in the way local partners collaborate and work with each other and with communities. The delivery partners will make recommendations about allocation of resources collaboratively, rather than through a competitive process. Proposals will be for delivery of quality assured community learning as well as engagement activity and intensive support for progression to qualification, work and/volunteering. Partners will work closely with key non 3rd Sector providers to coordinate and maximise the effectiveness of provision and avoid duplication. Partners will also work together to acquire additional funding beyond Community Learning Works and build up the experience and expertise to maximise future opportunities.

Community Learning Works is targeted at people who are the furthest away from the job market. It will inspire them to take the first steps into learning in safe and trusted environments; motivate them to grow in confidence, ambition and skills; connect them with supportive community networks as they progress towards and into employment.

The Delivery Partnership will collaborate and make recommendations about allocation resources to the multi-agency CLW Steering Group.

Applicants will be expected to demonstrate evidence that their proposed activity will be delivered to recognised Quality Assurance standards. However, there will also be small capacity building grants available to support organisations who do not currently meet the criteria to develop with a view to becoming a delivery partner in the future. There will also be a small grant fund for creative engagement. More information about the small grants will be circulated later.

For an application  form please contact  Bridget Hughes  by:

9am on Monday 6th March

Successful applicants will need to be available for an initial meeting on Wednesday 15th March 2017.

Please contact Bridget Hughes 07540434573 if you need any further clarification



Community Safety Network Meeting:

There will be a Community Safety Network meeting 1:00-2:00pm on Thursday 16th February 2017 (ahead of the full member meeting) at Northorpe Hall, 53 Northorpe Ln, Mirfield WF14 0QL

This meeting is open to all TSL members who would like to be involved with or help to shape the project, especially those with an established interest in Community Safety.

If you wish to attend or would like to express an interest in future events/meetings please RSVP to

If you would like to keep up to date with the latest news from Kirklees Council, follow the link below and register to receive regular updates.




We need your help to enable TSL to capture sufficient information so we can explore how best to support you.30TH November 2016 – Third Sector Leaders Kirklees (TSL) and Kirklees Council are working in partnership to assess the funding situation of third sector organisations across Kirklees. This includes voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise sectors.
TSL recognises that many of our members and other third sector organisations will be facing a number of challenges over the coming months. Therefore, undertaking and participating in research activity will be a key focus for TSL going forward. As a voice of the sector we need to ensure that we fully understand the needs of the sector across Kirklees any implications that may arise in terms following the upcoming changes to the funding landscape locally.

The survey is not very long or intrusive and aims to provide TSL and Kirklees Council with a picture of what organisations and groups will be facing in the lead up to Match 2017.

This initial research will underpin some of our further work around research so please help us in our research so we can help you.

Any questions please contact :
Karen Hobson, TSL Development Manager

TSL Kirklees – Community Safety Network Meeting:

There will be a Community Safety Network meeting 1:00-2:00pm on Thursday 15th December (ahead of the full member meeting) at Northorpe Hall, 53 Northorpe Ln, Mirfield WF14 0QL

This meeting is open to all TSL members who would like to be involved with or help to shape the project, especially those with an established interest in Community Safety.

If you wish to attend or would like to express an interest in future events/meetings please RSVP to

Next Members Meeting:

Thursday 15th December 2016 – 2:00 – 4:30pm 

Location: Northorpe Hall, 53 Northorpe Ln, Mirfield WF14 0QL

Third Sector Leaders Kirklees AGM and Members Meeting:

Thursday, 13th October  2016 at 1:00pm4:00pm

Location: Buckley 3M Innovation Centre, Firth Street, Huddersfield, HD1 3BD

You are invited to attend the Third Sector Leaders Kirklees Annual General Meeting.

With key Council staff and local Third Sector leaders from across Kirklees in attendance, this years AGM offers you a great opportunity to network with people who can really make a difference to your organisational planning for 2017.

We are delighted to announce that this year we have Erwin James  as our key note speaker he will be talking about the impact that the Third Sector can have in turning around people’s lives and how important it is that the sector is there to provide support for those in need.

Erwin is a Guardian columnist and Editor in Chief of Inside Time, the national newspaper for people in prison. He became a writer in prison where he served 20 years of a life sentence. He is the author of three books: A Life Inside – A Prisoners Notebook, (Atlantic, 2003), The Home Stretch – From Prison to Parole, (Atlantic, 2005) and Redeemable – a Memoir of Darkness and Hope (Bloomsbury, Feb 2016). He is also a trustee of the Prison Reform Trust and a patron of the charities: Create, Blue Sky, Human Writes, the Writers in Prison Foundation, and the Prison Phoenix Trust. He is a Fellow of the RSA and an Honorary Master of the Open University.

The meeting starts at 1pm with a Malaysian street food lunch provided by  Please inform of any dietary requirements.

A TSL members meeting will follow the AGM and if you are not already a member and interested in learning more about how membership can benefit your organisation please feel free to join us.

Big Lottery funds for Kirklees

 TSL Kirklees has been meeting with the Big Lottery and Kirklees Council to discuss how we improve the Kirklees voluntary sector’s take up of bigger lottery grants.  We understand that Kirklees misses out on some Big Lottery funding and we’ll continue to work on this issue.

Community Led Local Development

 TSL Kirklees has led a bid for European funding for adult and community learning in Huddersfield, Dewsbury & Batley.  The vision is of local community organisations shaping community learning spend in Kirklees so that it better meets local needs.  Community development and co-production principles feature strongly in the bid.  If successful, we will have initial funding to develop a strategy and the go ahead to apply for over £1m of European funds.  The partnership with Kirklees Council and the Community Learning Trust on this project has been key and TSL Kirklees thanks them for their support.

School Hubs

 TSL Kirklees has helped school hubs to understand the third sector with a presentation at their mini conference in Nov 2015.  School hubs may pool resources for early intervention and prevention, potentially commissioning third sector organisations.

Business in the Community

 TSL Kirklees is working closely with Penny Partlow, Business Connector in Kirklees to build stronger links with local businesses and enable them to contribute to volunteering and improving the third sector’s sustainability.  Penny will be working with TSL Kirklees till June 2016.

Strategic approaches to change

 TSL Kirklees is working closely with Kirklees Council and Huddersfield University to pilot new strategic approaches to how the Council works with the local voluntary and community sector.

 Seperately, TSL Kirklees has also been awarded £4,000 of Big Assist vouchers to help TSL Kirklees develop a strategic business plan, growing membership and increasing the impact TSL Kirklees has on developing and sustaining the local voluntary sector.

 TSL Kirklees is also a member of the VCS Strategy Sponsor Group, alongside the Bishop of Calderdale and Kirklees, senior Council managers and Sir John Harman.  This group aims to meet three times a year to provide a review of the state of the sector and progress the Council is making on VCS Strategy priorities.

Listening To Families

Produced with the support of the Kirklees Stronger Families Board, the Listening To Families project ran in 2013, as a collaboration between Action For Children, Lifeline / OnTRAK, Pennine Domestic Violence Group, WomenCentre, the Yorkshire Children’s Centre, and Third Sector Leaders Kirklees.

A revised version of the final Listening To Families Project Report is now available, as well as an Executive Summary; which highlights the key lessons learnt from the project.

State of the Sector

TSL are proud to have published the following TSL State of the Third Sector Report in Kirklees 2013.

The report clearly shows that the third sector makes a significant contribution to economic life in Kirklees, employing thousands of people and providing opportunities for many more volunteers, and provides a baseline which will help identify trends and opportunities,  as well as giving an indication of how local and national policy impacts on the local voluntary and community sector.

To access / download the full report – click the above link.

The report can also be accessed as a PDF at the following: State of the Sector PDF

Paper copies of an edited version of the report are available upon request.

Archive of activities & meeting notes

Since forming in Summer 2010, Third Sector Leaders Kirklees have been involved in a number of projects.

State Of The Sector Report

In July 2013, TSL published a State of the Third Sector Report in Kirklees 2013 – with the aim of clearly showing the significant contribution to economic life in Kirklees that the sector makes. To access the report, visit the ‘Reports‘ page.

Contracting With The Council – Procurement Event

Third Sector Leaders Kirklees has been working with Kirklees Council to ensure local voluntary and not-for-profit organisations understand tendering and procurement processes.  They’ve also been working to ensure those processes do not unfairly disadvantage those organisations that could provide services to the Council – and community benefit – without making a profit. As part of this TSL Kirklees organised a ‘Contracting With The Council’ event to bring together Kirklees Council staff working in procurement and third sector organizations in Kirklees. The event took place at Northorpe Hall, Mirfield on Thursday 11thJuly 2013.

Meet The New PCC –  Crime & Community Safety Event

Following the election of a Police and Crime Commissioner in November 2012, in March 2013 TSL helped to organise a free West Yorkshire Crime & Community Safety event at Dewsbury Sports Centre. The aim of the event was to brief third sector leaders in Kirklees about the changes in governance in the criminal justice system following the election of Police and Crime Commissioners; to enable the sector to develop its thinking about its role in crime / anti-social behaviour reduction and prevention, and community safety more broadly; to consider how it can contribute to networking across West Yorkshire.

Valuing Social Enterprise

In April 2012 The University Of Huddersfield hosted a free Valuing Social Enterprise Conference. A joint collaboration between the University, Third Sector Leaders Kirklees, Kirklees Council and Locality, the event was aimed at stimulating debate and discussion around the changing policy context in relation to Procurement, Commissioning, Localism and Social Value as well as providing practical advice and support for organisations around Tender and Investment Readiness. For full details view poster.

Compact & VCS Strategy

Working alongside members of Kirklees Council, TSL members have been helping with the long awaited redraft of the Compact & VCS strategy documents. The documents help to outline relationship between Kirklees Council and the Third Sector, allowing both parties get the most out of this mutually beneficial relationship.

Kirklees Council Budget Reaction

Following the announcement of Kirklees Council’s budget proposals in January 2012, TSL organised a special one off meeting for members to put their questions and concerns to the Council. The meeting helped to provide a better understanding of why certain funding decisions had been made. TSL released a press release afterwards which featured in the following publications: Huddersfield Examiner, Dewsbury Reporter, Mirfield Reporter, Batley & Birstall News, Spenborough Guardian.


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