Involve’s ‘Action Trackers: One Year On’ survey

Kirklees is under-represented in Involve YHs ‘Action Trackers: One Year On’ survey


Involve need your help in ensuring your area is represented in this vital survey on the impact of welfare reforms on Yorkshire and Humber frontline organizations. This survey is a follow up from the original ‘Action Trackers’ report we published earlier this year, which attracted widespread media interest, including this front page lead story in the Yorkshire Post.


If you have already filled the survey in – thank you so much! We have had some interesting comments and responses, which will be very useful to all of us in our lobbying and campaigning work.

They are therefore extending the deadline to Friday 5 December 2014 and asking if you could please forward the survey on to other frontline organisations in your area, asking them to fill the survey in too.

The survey takes just 15 minutes to fill in.

It is vital Involve document the impacts of welfare reform in the region. They want to put pressure on policymakers to give you more support to deal with the increased demand that welfare reforms have created. But in order to do this, they need to document the situation and provide robust data to back up your case.


It’s time to step up and be counted!