New Philanthropy Capital Report – In Charities we Trust

How do you rate your trust and confidence in charities?

​This is one of the questions we asked 1,000 adults across Great Britain in an online poll carried out for NPC by Ipsos MORI last month. While the most common trust score was 7 out of 10, more than 1 in 3 people have doubts about charities and some 20% of people neither know nor trust charities.

​As well as taking a snapshot of levels of public trust, this new polling explored the drivers of trust and sought to segment the public in terms of their views on charities. Key findings include:

  • There is no one mental image of charities: the vast majority of people (67%) think mostly about large organisations when they think of charities (vs. 25% who think of small organisations), and these perceptions affect trust
  • There is no one public view of charities: informed enthusiasts make up 35% of the population and sit alongside uninformed enthusiasts (26%), uninformed detractors (20%) and informed detractors (15%)​
  • The more people know charities, the more they tend to trust them: 69% of people who say they know charities a ‘fair amount’ or a ‘great deal’ about charities have high or medium trust in them.

​Take a look at our headline findings, follow the conversation on social media via #matteroftrust, and look out for the more detailed analysis that we will be publishing in the coming months