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Adekan. Vol. 5

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DATA: 25/07/2014
ISBN: 9788877596888


...96864: puoi acquistarlo sul sito, la grande libreria online ... Adekan (Manga) | ... . Adekan (Japanese: 艶漢, Hepburn: Adekan, lit."Sleek") is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Nao Tsukiji. It began serialization in Wings on July 14, 2007. As of January 2017, 10 volumes have been published in Japan. The series has been licensed by JManga in America, Tong Li (東立) in China, and by Egmont Manga + Anime GmbH in Germany.. The series follows Shiro Yoshiwara, an ... Adekan. Vol. 1 è un li ... Gratis Pdf Adekan vol.5 - Retedem PDF ... .. The series follows Shiro Yoshiwara, an ... Adekan. Vol. 1 è un libro di Tsukiji Nao edito da Magic Press a febbraio 2014 - EAN 9788877596840: puoi acquistarlo sul sito, la grande libreria online. Abbiamo identificato 2 ezioni identiche o simili del libro Adekan. Vol. 2! Se sei interessato a un solo edzio specifico, seleziona quello che ti interessa: 100%: Nao Tsukiji: Adekan. Vol. 2 (ISBN: 9788877596857) 2013, in italiano, Editore: Magic Press, Band: 2, Libro in brossura. Mostra solo questa edizione… Plot: Adekan is what we here on MU have dubbed "Episodic with underlying continuous plot." The story unfolds as a series of criminal cases taking place in Gentou-chou, the town where the protagonists live. Since Koujirou is a police officer, he naturally looks into anything odd he notices, ... ADEKAN Manga chapters, Shiro, a laid-back and absent-mindedly seductive umbrella craftsman, is (surprisingly) a close friend of Kojiro, a hot-blooded young police officer who stands against all things undisciplined. With their mutual knack for attracting trouble, the pair soon find themselves involved in a bloody and ero...