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Psychological structure and vocation. A study of the motivation for entering and learning of religious life - Franco Imoda

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DATA: 24/01/1995
ISBN: 9788876525865
AUTORE: Franco Imoda


...n, 1994). The times have changed, however ... Anthropology of the christian vocation. Vol. 2 ... ... . In recent years, researchers have recognized the importance of more unified and cross-disciplinary approach to study motivation (Braver et al., 2014). The psychology of religion emerged as a discipline in the nineteenth century, just as various other approaches to religion as an object of study were similarly gaining traction. While other theorists (such as Marx, Durkheim, and Weber) were interested in religion as a social phenomenon, the primary focus of the psychological approach to religion is the way in which religion operates in the ... Biopsychology is a branch of psycholo ... Biopsychology (Brain and Behavior) ... ... Biopsychology is a branch of psychology that analyzes how the brain, neurotransmitters, and other aspects of our biology influence our behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. This field of psychology is often referred to by a variety of names including biopsychology, physiological psychology, behavioral neuroscience, and psychobiology. Motivation psychology is a study of how biological, psychological, and environmental variables contribute to motivation. That is, what do the body and brain contribute to motivation; what mental processes contribute; and finally, how material incentives, goals, and their mental representations motivate individuals. The Role of Psychology in Formation 1) ... Most candidates entering seminaries and religious life, though psychologically normal, ... the choice of a vocation and a decision to enter may not only be the fruit of a freely chosen ideal but also the result of unconscious needs. The Journal of Vocational Behavior publishes original empirical and theoretical articles that contribute novel insights to the fields of career choice, career development, and work adjustment across the lifespan and which are also valuable for applications in counseling and career development programs in colleges and universities, business and industry, government, and the military. For instance, academic stress is associated with academic performance, 7 personality, 8 academic motivation, 9 and depression. 10 Personality has been linked with both academic performance 11, 12 and motivation. 13 Moreover, previous studies have reported an association between academic performance and motivation. 14 All of these factors may therefore be included in the structure, and ... Physiological psychology is a subfield of psychology that focuses on the behavioral effects of physiology. Physiological psychology is available as a concentration at the master's and doctoral ... Adolescent Work, Behavior and Development. As already noted, most American adolescents work part-time during high school. In the National Survey of Family and Households (Manning, 1990), initiated in the same year as the YDS, 61% of tenth graders and 90% of twelfth graders were employed at some time during the school year.In the YDS, the median number of hour...